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Hi all. I am Bella's mom. I come asking if there is anyone who would like to support or sponsor a little girls dream. For those of you  that know Bella she loves to sing and "perform". She wakes up in the morning singing with a tune she wants the world to hear. From when she was a baby she has the nickname "Boogie" cause of her ability to entertain a crowd with her voice and dance moves. Earlier this year her primary school re-opened auditions for the choir after the covid pandemic. She went and has diligently been attending practice ever since. About 3 weeks ago I received the following letter...
 "Your child Isabelle has been accepted as a member of the Junior Training Choir of the Armonia Children's Choir based in the southern region of Gauteng .  Congratulations with the exceptional achievement". This means that your child has one of the best voices in the South Province of Gauteng. Continuous evaluation will be done during the year.
Bella was one of the very few children picked from her school for this achievement. It is R4200 per annum with the first 25% (R1050) needing to be paid by the 25th of November. There is also an additional fee for choir uniform.
I am so proud of her but as a single mom I live off a very strict budget and cannot afford this additional expense. I am also still trying to pay off outstanding blood tests that she had done in May of this year so trying to pay this too will be out of my means. Would really appreciate any help from anyone willing to make my daughter's dream come true.


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