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Nation Builder Trust

Nation Builder, a Mergon initiative, inspires and equips businesses to lead in social change.  

Our team facilitates cross-sector learning and the co-creation of social impact resources, that are accessible via our online community, the Nation Builder Neighbourhood.

Nation Builder was borne out of the steadfast belief in the future of South Africa and in the powerful role that business plays in our nation.

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Donations to date

R 8 392.00

Fundraising target

R 5 000 000.00

Donor Messages

Rob and Voi
We are blessed
Robyn Wright
Very best to you as you help the most vulnerable.
Unity and hope

Everyone who helps makes a difference

Together we stand
Well done on supporting the NPO's that in turn support our people.
Concerned South African
Behind the amazing work you are doing on the ground, please continue to support and love on the most vulnerable in SA!

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23 Mar 2020 R 105
22 Mar 2020 R 120