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Nation Builder Trust

Nation Builder inspires and equips businesses to lead in social change.

The team collaborates across sectors to co-create resources and solutions that assist businesses in their social development work.

Nation Builder forms part of the Mergon Group and hosts regular gatherings that bring together people who are committed to using their business as a force for good.

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Donor Messages

Part of my monthly tithe which God told me to allocate to you this month. Aim: Growing Christ's church
Laura Bergh
Thanks for giving us a channel to support.
Just because it is Nation Builder....amazing work. Well done!
Numa Life Church

Thanks you for all that you do!

A little goes a long way.
Staff member
may this small amount be multiplied for God's glory...
Romay Adams
Bless our country!
Staying at home means saving on my normal spend , so please pay this forward .
Keep up the great work and thanks for the opportunity.