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My friend needs your help please Campaign

Dear lovely people. 
I really come today pleading with all you kind hearted people to help a friend in need.  
My friend was a sole provider in his home,  earning quiet a decent salary. He provided for his family to the best of his ability. 
However over the past 2 years he was medically boarded of thus leaving him trying to fend by himself.  He used up all his savings,  sold his vehicle and thats how he managed to survive.  
Now with no income,  he has been in arrears with his rent and does not Have anyone to support him or even give him a place to stay. He has a Condition that he needs to get treatment every 2nd day.  
My heart goes out to him as he feel he is like a failure and can not provide for his kids.  

I wish I could help much more than I already have.  Hence me coming here and seeking help from all you wonderful souls.  

Please find it in your heart to assist me friend.  As I can not stand to see him in this situation anymore.  

May the Lord bless you. 


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