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Jazz School opening Campaign

I have a piano a piano keyboard, 2 lead guitars and 1 bass, drum set, a snooker table needing to be fixed as balls stuck, 1 organ, grade 5 music jazz piano theory, we have an even on the 10th of December we can't rehearse since we need to repair some of the instruments, to be repaired is 2 lead guitars costing R900, Organ at R600, new drum kick for R450, lastly are 2 drum skins needing R530, we'll be gigging the whole of December if our instruments are well in time, we'll also be using the same instruments to teach children in January throughout, we also asked asked our local municipality for help but they are delaying with the response. To benefit is children from over 10 families and churches which will be booking us, not forgetting weddings and funerals too, we'd be glad for your support, our organization's name is Music Seeds, we mostly focus on starting children with music from as early as grade 2, but we also give services to both middle and high school students, we don't close out for adult beginners they also have a chance, Thanks in advance.


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