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Hello everyone,

My name is Nekparvin Limdawala, and I find myself in a challenging situation that I hope you can empathize with and support me in. I'm reaching out to share my story and ask for your help.

I am originally from India, but I came to South Africa to Live with my Family and pursued my education as an international student under asylum. My journey was going well until 2019 when the South African Home Affairs offices closed their doors to applications, and due to the ongoing pandemic, they haven't reopened since. This unforeseen circumstance changed the trajectory of my education.

In 2020, I needed to register for my final year at the University of KwaZulu-Natal (UKZN) - Student Number 216023927. However, the international fees office informed me that I couldn't register without a specific "relative permit." I was in a rush to register because, without it, I wouldn't receive my final year designs, a requirement I shared with my year coordinator, Jarvis Leigh, who also advocated for my registration.

I took the necessary steps and applied for the relative permit. Using my application slip, I managed to register for my final year. My studies were sponsored by a businessman, and when the time came to settle my final year fees, we were shocked to discover an exorbitant increase compared to my previous years of study Normal Study Averaged R50 - 60 000 per annum under asylum. I'm currently being charged well over R200 000. My sponsor was reluctant to cover this amount, so I started inquiring about the sudden increase.

It turned out that the increase in fees was a consequence of my switch to a relative permit. Unfortunately, I wasn't informed about the financial implications when I made the decision, and the complexities of South African Home Affairs have made it challenging to rectify this issue. I have been working tirelessly to renew my asylum papers and have reached out to the international office staff for guidance, but to no avail.

As a result, my outstanding fees have been handed over to a debt collection agency called vericred. This situation not only leaves me without physical proof of my degree but also prevents me from finding employment in South Africa, a country I have come to consider home. If I hadn't been misadvised and had stayed under asylum status, my job prospects would be vastly different.

I genuinely want to resolve this debt issue and move forward with my career, but the current fee status is beyond my financial capacity. I am pleading for your help in allowing me to settle my fees as this would provide me with the opportunity to work towards my dreams and clear my debt.

I hope that my story resonates with you, and if needed, I am willing to make myself available for any calls or meetings to provide further clarity and assist in this process. Your support will not only change my life but will also empower me to contribute to the community and society that I now call home.

Thank you for taking the time to read my story, and I sincerely hope for your support and understanding.

Attached is proof of the financial statement. My Registration proof and Student Number in UKZN for any enquiries you may need to clarify.

Warm regards,



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