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My name is Michelle Leal and I live in Johannesburg.We found Nemo almost six months ago, just when we needed him and he needed us.  My children and I have wanted a puppy for so long. We then found out that he has eye problems (juvenile cataracts) and needs surgery. We need to take Nemo for a pre-op scan and then also be able to pay for the operation, anesthetics, and medication.

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Anonymous friend
Love Nemo
best wishes
Dr. C. Haupt/Vitozol South Africa

What an inspiring walking backwards down the stairs video - well done Michelle!

Nina Maritz
bit more for nemo
Stop Brexit!
For my friend, Nemo.
Robin & Anoushka
Helping little by little ,,,My thoughts and prayers are with you & Nemo
Nemo het ‘n mamma met ‘n hart van goud!
Here's to Nemo's new eyes :-)