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New BeginningZ was established in 2001 and registered in 2002. Our main focus is Orphans and Vulnerable Children 0-18 years. We run various active programs both residential (NBZ Baby Haven) and non-residential (Baby Walls & all the Community Programs).

The NBZ Baby Haven is a registerd CYCC accomodating 30 babies and toddlers at any given time.  We specialize in the worst abuse, neglect and medical cases. Over the past 2 years we have recieved numerous requests from Cape Town based organisations to expand NBZ footprint. The aim is to start a very small Baby Home in CT to focus on Special Needs newborn babies who need intensive therapeutic care, especially FAS and Drug addicted babies who need extra special individualized care.  We plan on having 6 newborns at a time so that we can focus on their physical, social and neurological development to a far greater extent than would be possible in a bigger care setting.

This would enable these little souls to have a much better chance of reaching their full potential not only as children, but as adults too.  Our holistic care services and therapeutic programs will allow these innocent infants to overcome their early trauma and help their little brains and bodies to function far more optimally as they grow and develop in this homely, baby friendly, loving environment. First we much teach them to love and trust before we can do anything else so secure attachment therapy and bonding will be the first intervention program which will build the foundation for the rest of the learning programs to be incorporated taking each infant's individual needs into account.

I will be running the Cape Town Baby Home personally with the assistance of 2 staff members.  This is not a new start up project, it is merely an extention of the current Baby Haven which has made a meaningful and tangible difference in the lives of more than 500 children 0-5 years since 2009.

This may not seem like a lot but for us it is not about the stats. We strive to walk a road with each child as there is a reason they have crossed our paths. We focus on the long term impact, not the numbers. The Overall Project Budget we require for operational costs for the 1st year of this project is R500 000.00  - Please let us know if we can forward you the full project proposal so that you can make an informed decision. Thank You for taking the time to consider our application, we look forward to hearing from you.

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