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National Housing Stokvel Company

Who we are?


  • The National Housing Stokvel Company, is a for benefit, membership based social enterprise.
  •  Initially started off as grocery stokvel
  •  NHSC was registered as a Pty (Ltd) by Alphonso Slinger, founder.
  •  Members come from all walks of life
  •  Common goal to own THEIR OWN HOME!
  • Started as a grocery stokvel
  •  Need for housing identified
  •  Adapted stokvel to be more “Westernized”
  •  Founder fused technology with tradition
  •  Company currently has a local footprint, but has global ambitions
  •  Company adapted to help reach Development Goals
  •  NHSC wants to be global player in housing
  •  Sees itself as an alternative Core business is 0% interest for monies advanced.

What we do

  • Most people do not qualify for a normal bank loan due to either being:
  •  Not gainfully employed, blacklisted, little or no savings. Not earning enough, etc.
  •  GAP market segment ,(those earning above government threshold, but to little for bank finance) feels as if the world is against them… often disillusioned

We provide the alternative through our unique housing assistance programme.

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