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Nick James Tyler Variax Digital guitar Campaign

Good day cherished friend/colleague/fellow muso/family member

thank u so much for bringing up my Backabuddy in my endeavour to get myself a much needed JTV Variax digital profiling guitar!!

what is a Line 6 JTV guitar? its a special model that has special sensors along with pickups, like other guitars, to imitate or 'model' a whole spectrum of different guitar makes and models, all in one guitar! flick a switch, it sounds like a bluesy Fender, flick a switch it sounds like a rocking Gibson. Even acoustic! Its almost unlimited possibilities with it. Unfortunately, they r not available at our SA guitar retailers, which leaves me with the only option of looking overseas to obtain one. This combined with our exchange rate is the motivation with me reaching out to see who wud be so kind to support with Backabuddy. Also, in case u might be wondering, hand-on-my-heart this is not a 'vanity'/cosmetic purchase in any way. Its genuinely my artistic pursuit pursuing my creative vision and goals to have a amazingly versatilve tool, and instrument to create with.


Fundraising target

R 16 000.00

Donations to date

R 350.00

Donor Messages

Good Luck Mr Nick. Hope you get to your goal.
I hope this helps you pursue your artistic vision. 💙

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Anonymous donated R 150 via Nick "James Tyler Variax" Digital guitar
19 Oct 2023 R 150
Anonymous donated R 200 via Nick "James Tyler Variax" Digital guitar
10 Sep 2023 R 200