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My name is Nickolas. I am an incomplete tetrapligic C6.

In 1997 I had a motorcycle accident and crushed my C6. I was totally paralyzed for about 3 months and against, all odds and doctors prognosis. One morning I was able to move my left big toe. 

I made almost a 90% recovery even playing club cricket for the Titans club reserve league.

In the beginning 2020 my health took a dramatic change when I started having neurological complications as a result of my injury in 1997.

By June 2020 I had to be placed in a wheelchair due to my legs not functioning correctly and my health continued to deteriorate over the last 3 years.

I started wheelchair rugby in April this year and with the will of God I have been able to compete and I do believe I have great potential. With the correct coaching team and rugby wheelchair (Equipment)I believe I can do very well at club level and possibly at a national level representing our Gauteng team.

I am quite a big and muscular guy (110 kg) and don't have my own rugby chair according my measurements. A Rugby Wheelchair is a specialized sport chair so its needs to be built to your specific disabilities and sizes. I currently use one of the clubs rugby chairs. Because the Rugby Wheelchair i am currently using it's not manufactured to my size. I consistently suffer from fractured or bruised ribs. Scuffs on my back and shoulder deterioration, pain etc.

I did get a quote for a Rugby Wheelchair according to my specs and it's over 200k which I cannot afford.

I am currently medically boarded and only receive a monthly income protection payment.

Wheelchair Rugby is pretty much all I have left going for me and has brought me out of a very dark place I found myself in where I gave up and even attempted suicide twice. Thanks to a great Psychologist and Psychiatrist and the grace of God. I have pulled through. 

Participating in a sport and team again has really changed the direction of my life and given me hope which I would like to grow on.

I would really appreciate if you can contribute towards my dream and wellbeing.


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