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Birth of our 2nd child Campaign

Hey there, folks! I'm Nico, the lucky guy married to the amazing Chanel Oosthuizen, and the proud dad of Casey. But guess what? We've got a new player joining the family soon, and we're all super excited! If it's a little dude, we'll call him Elijah John. And if it's a little lady, well, the name's still up for grabs, but we'll cross that bridge when we get there.

Now, here's the scoop: I'm on a mission to fundraise for my lovely wife and that tiny but incredibly active passenger cruising around in her belly. You see, my wife is 34 years young, and as I'm typing this, our bun in the oven is 15 weeks and 5 days old. Yep, I'm officially the husband and father of an unborn child. Exciting, right?

Now, I know you've probably heard about this kind of stuff happening to other people, but the reason I'm here shaking the virtual donation jar is that our trusty medical aid let us down. We had everything planned out, including enduring all those pesky waiting periods. But then, just a few weeks later, the medical aid decided to throw a system fault party on their side. Rude, right?

So, here we are, back at square one. Starting a new medical aid profile from scratch, complete with waiting periods and all the bureaucratic red tape. But here's the kicker: when you apply, you have to spill the beans on any "pre-existing conditions." And guess what? Pregnancy falls into that category, and the waiting period is a whopping 12 months. By the time that's over, our little one will be well on their way to celebrating their first birthday. Unless, of course, we're secretly elephants with a 22-month pregnancy term.

Now, we're just like most folks – we don't have a spare R70,000 lying around. And here's the kicker: the big day is only about 5 months away. We can't just snap our fingers and make that money appear, especially with the small change we can scrape together each month. And that's on the off chance that we have a good month, which, let's be honest, doesn't happen nearly often enough.

So, here's the deal: when we hit that magical fundraising target, we can finally shift our focus to welcoming our bundle of joy into the world. Anything extra will be put to good use, trust us. Think mountains of diapers and all those baby necessities that come with the territory.

We'd be over the moon if each and every one of you could lend us a hand, because together, we can reach that goal quicker than you can say "baby shower." Here's the breakdown of where your generosity will go:

  1. 20 to 24 Weeks (Anatomy scan) - R1,700
  2. 28 Weeks checkup - R680
  3. Week 36-40 Cardiotocography (CTG) - R1,115
  4. Doctor Costs with C-Section - R12,160
  5. Anesthetist Costs - R11,141
  6. Pediatrician Costs - R3,500
  7. Hospital Costs (Medi-Clinic) - R33,315
  8. Fuel Costs & any unforeseen costs - R5,000
  9. Any extras: Post-birth & necessities for the baby

So, come on, folks! Let's make this adventure a little less elephant-like and a lot more baby-like. Your support means the world to us, and we promise to keep you updated on all the adorable baby pictures and hilarious parenting mishaps along the way. Thanks a million!


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