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Please help nicolai pay his school fees Campaign Logo

Please help nicolai pay his school fees Campaign

Hi, my name is Nico.
I would like to raise a fundraiser for this wonderful woman and son who fellowship at our church. 
Thandi moved from Johannesburg to Port Elizabeth in hopes of giving her adopted son a better life. This boy unfortunately came from the gang fuelled streets of westbury. His biological mother died from a substance abuse overdose and his father is incarcerated.
Thandi used to work at Gerald Fitzpatrick old age home and hoped to relocate for work, unfortunately she could not get pet and child friendly accommodation with the job offer so she decided to move anyway in the hopes of getting a job here. Unfortunately the economy of Port Elizabeth has not been kind to her and she has not found a job yet. She has been teaching English online to foreign students to put food on the table. The move came with a few challenges with nicolai needing therapy hence she has not been able to pay his school fees. Nicolai has improved academically and his future looks bright. I am asking that you open your hearts and help these wonderful people lessen their burden and for Thandi to avoid legal action. All donations go directly to the school account.


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R 12 720.00

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