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Allow me to introduce my niece, Nadia. A young, energetic 19 year old girl who lives with her grandparents (Pieter & Charmaine) on a farm outside Delmas in Argent (Weltevreden). Like any young adult nowadays, she loves listening to music and singing with her boombox, she enjoys recording TikTok videos. Entertaining the family, always laughing and including family and friends around her.

Last year (2022) Nadia found a lump in her groin that kept growing and eventually had to be removed via operation in January 2023. After the operation the biopsy revealed that Nadia had stage 3 Hodgkin’s Lymphoma.

This was understandably a huge shock to Nadia, her family and friends but we had no choice than to fight and beat the cancer with all our might.

Although Nadia didn’t belong to a medical aid, like the majority of South Africans, she was fortunate enough to start chemotherapy treatment soon after, at the Charlotte Maxeke Government Hospital’s Radiology Department in Johannesburg.

Through the support of family and friends Nadia is putting up a brave fight but unfortunately it was revealed, after the chemo treatment, that Nadia would need additional radiation therapy. It was revealed that she would need to undergo 24 radiation sessions that commenced on 16 October 2023.

After almost a year has passed since the initial discovery of the lump, Nadia is a shadow of what she used to be. Gone are the days of being crazy and dancing on TikTok, as she is very tired most of the time.

As one can imagine in today’s economy, with rising living costs, keeping up with the expenses of commuting to and from hospital that we are forced to ask for help in any shape or form.

Although medical costs are covered there are additional expenses, as mentioned, like petrol and medication to support her declining blood count resulting in a weaker immune system due to the chemo/radiation treatment.

The fuel cost traveling to and from the hospital for the next month is the biggest of our concerns at the moment as without this she won’t be able to attend her treatment sessions.

Any help/donation, big or small would be greatly appreciated.

Her aunt Nicola


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