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The gift of sight 67659 Campaign

By way of introduction, I am Nicola and this is appeal is for my grandmother, Kambo Pillay, who is 92 years old. 

She has been a mother to me since I was 3 months old. She is one of the strongest women I know. 

She has been living with my husband, child and myself for just over two years since moving from Durban. 

When we tried getting her on medical aid. It was too late. When we tried getting her spectacles, it wasn’t possible as she has cataracts in both eyes. 

She fell twice in the past five years which resulted in her having two hip operations at government hospitals and is now dependent on a walker. 

Although she has hearing aids, her hearing is poor. 

As I am unemployed, I can’t afford for her to have cataracts removed in order for her to get spectacles. 

She can barely watch tv or see much and I would love for her to have the gift of sight. If she is able to see, she will be able to knit to keep herself occupied. She will also be able to enjoy the sight of her great grandchildren . 

She had a hard life but always made sacrifices to look after her kids and their kids, as a widow. 

I’ve contacted government hospitals but I had no joy. There is a long waiting list and preference is given to younger people. 

I therefore resorted to this platform to try to help my loving grandmother who I wish could be able to see .


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