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Meet David, a beloved group gym instructor whose unwavering spirit has inspired us all.

Last year, he faced an unexpected battle with Colon Cancer, leading to the installation of a Colostomy bag. Remarkably, David continued to teach during his grueling chemotherapy treatments, displaying astonishing positivity and enthusiasm that moved us deeply.

Despite the challenges, David's determination shone through, and his tests revealed a remarkable improvement. However, financial constraints have now forced him to discontinue his chemotherapy, causing a setback in his recovery. We witnessed a heartbreaking moment as David, once full of vitality, now fights an infection after collapsing following a class.

Today, David stands at a crossroads, struggling both physically and emotionally. The funds we raise will be instrumental in helping him resume his chemotherapy sessions and undergo a crucial operation to remove his Colostomy bag. His motivation? A loving fiancee and two young boys who depend on him. Despite his weakened state, he still teaches, driven by the deep desire to provide for his family.

Let's join hands and rally together to support David in his fight against cancer.

Every contribution brings us one step closer to getting him back on his feet, ready to face this battle with renewed strength.

Your kindness can make a world of difference, allowing David to continue his courageous journey and emerge victorious.

Donor Messages

I wish you well David, remain positive.
Your energy and positivity in your classes through this tough time is truly inspiring!
Deena Gischen
Thinking of you David and wishing you health, success and progress always! May you have a smooth and speedy recovery ♥️

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Anonymous donated R 500 via Doing it for David
30 Nov 2023 R 500
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29 Nov 2023 R 200
Anonymous donated R 500 via Doing it for David
11 Nov 2023 R 500
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10 Nov 2023 R 250
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10 Nov 2023 R 2 000