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Sueannes Cancer Recovery Fund Campaign

Sueanne's Cancer Recovery Fund
Dear donor, my name is Nicole Oosthuizen
and I'm raising funds for my daughter Sueanne Oosthuizen, who was diagnosed with ovarian cancer/carcinoma. Both her ovaries have been removed and have commenced with chemo as of the 2nd December 2023. Signs were evident with hair loss and itchy skin. 
Her 2nd session on the 21st December 2023 The day I'm writing this note to ask for the help of the public, family and friends to raise money for her aftercare when done with chemo. I don't know how severe it will get and would like to retain her back to health once her sessions are done.
She wont have financial backing from a job or rent money each month or groceries and thats why im making an appeal to the public to sponsor her or donate towards her campaign that im running to get her the supplements, groceries, rent, and petrol for transportation to and from hospital.
She resides in Welkom and is doing chemo in Bloemfontein. Our only concern is her aftercare which will be the most important part of her recovery which will be the total amount of R50 000. 
Please see this as a matter of urgency from a mom seeking the recovery of her child in need.
Donations are welcome of any size big or small, and will be greatly appreciated.
God bless your efforts and thank you very much. 

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