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I am Nicoleen Pretorius, and I am reaching out to seek help for my son, Michael-Dean Pretorius, who is 27 years old and hails from Vanderbijlpark.

Michael-Dean is currently undergoing Chronic Hemodialysis, as he is suffering from "End stage Renal Failure," with only 15% Kidney Function and dangerous hypertension. His condition is a result of a rare autoimmune sickness known as "Goodpasture's Syndrome." He is under the care of specialists and a nephrologist based at Garden City Hospital in Johannesburg, as there are no doctors or specialists in the Vaal Triangle who can treat his condition.

Our family is finding it increasingly challenging to keep up with the mounting medical expenses and the day-to-day costs associated with trying to save his life. This is why we are turning to you for assistance.

Our current mission involves the Donor Transplant process with the Donald Gordon Transplant Coordinators. The entire family is being evaluated, and we are anxiously waiting for the results. My test came back negative as a match, and my husband's test results are currently in process.

We are fervently praying for a positive match. However, if that is not the case, we will have to turn to the cadaver organ donor - Transplant Waiting List. In the face of these challenges, we will not lose hope.

Our faith is unwavering, and we believe that with the help and support of kind-hearted individuals, we can overcome this adversity.

Thank you for considering our plea for assistance.

With gratitude,

The Pretorius Family

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