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Sammy needs our help Campaign

Sammy is a beautiful, loyal and loving doggo who needs your help! A little rescue who has endured hardship in his early life, he deserves nothing but happiness. He’s only 8 years old and has many more years left in him. Sammy needs to have a major knee operation as he’s torn one of his ligaments completely. Anyone that knows him, knows how precious this little boy is and how much love and happiness he has to offer. We don’t have many options and if surgery cannot be done he will have to live out his life with many limitations and difficulties including the eventual development of osteoarthritis, which is extremely painful and the continued use of pain killers would ultimately cause damage to his liver. We would love to give him the treatment he needs and deserves, one which has proven itself time and time again, however finances are not on our side. We would appreciate donations of any amount as we’re well aware of the current financial difficulties everyone is facing these days. Your contributions will be greatly appreciated and will not go unnoticed. Please help us help our doggo to live a long, happy and healthy life. 


Fundraising target

R 30 000.00

Donations to date

R 3 143.36

Donor Messages

I hope that this precious baby gets the funds needed for this operation.
Sending love ♥️
Marlene de Groot :)
We send all our love across the ocean to you Sammy
Sharon Taylor
Good luck, hope Sammy gets all fixed up
Erasmus Dane
hope this precious baby gets the surgery ❤️
Get better soon cutie
Love you guys ❤️ and baby sammy

Activity feed

Camille donated R 100 via Sammy needs our help
13 Oct 2023 R 100
Eryn donated US $ 11 via Sammy needs our help
11 Oct 2023 US $ 11
Marlene de Groot :) donated US $ 28 via Sammy needs our help
11 Oct 2023 US $ 28
Sharon Taylor donated R 200 via Sammy needs our help
11 Oct 2023 R 200
Erasmus Dane donated US $ 6 via Sammy needs our help
10 Oct 2023 US $ 6