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I am a teacher who has been teaching for 10 years. It is my passion . I have worked incredibly hard to complete my degree while being a single mother. 
I tried to complete my pgce in 2020 however with COVID I was unable to complete. Since then financially I've been unable to afford study fees. 
This year I have a applied for a partial bursary but to even qualify for this bursary I have to register and in order to register I need to pay a R12000 registration fee. 

A single mother on a teacher's salary with no help from the father of my child I just don't have this kind of money. 

Asking this is extremely difficult for me, if you ask anyone I've always just managed quietly and been fiercely independent. 
Any contribution could help me finally get the qualifications I need to create better life for Olivia and I. 

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R 12 000.00

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R 12 000.00

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"All manner of good things begin to flow in your direction once you begin to take action" - Jack Canfield We can't wait to see this next season of growth. We are so proud of you and are always here. Love you Ninipoo
inspired by your story, you write well, go be a great teacher
You are an inspiration to so many people around you. You've worked tirelessly not only at your job but on yourself and who you have become. We are all so incredibly proud you and we are all lucky to count you amongst our friends. You've got this Nina
Good luck, hope you manage to get you PGCE
Wayne Roux
You go girl. Will add more as I am able.

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Anonymous donated R 631 via Finish my education
16 Jan 2024 R 631
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16 Jan 2024 US $ 578
Anonymous donated R 1 000 via Finish my education
13 Jan 2024 R 1 000
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12 Jan 2024 US $ 43
Wayne Roux donated R 200 via Finish my education
11 Jan 2024 R 200