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Hi I am Nombuso a student at the University of Cape Town and I am writing this because I am seeking financial assistance for my 2024 University fees. As a dedicated and determined student, I am committed to pursuing my education and achieving my academic goals and I do not want financial difficulties to hinder me from reaching and achieving those goals.

I am currently enrolled in a Postgraduate Diploma in Marketing and any contribution made would directly support covering these academic expenses. Unfortunately my mother currently does not earn an amount that is enough to cover the costs of my University fees and so she provides me with money for food and toiletries. She also has to take care of my family back home with her income and at the end of the day it will not be enough to pay for my fees. Despite these challenges, I am passionate about my education and deeply committed to succeeding in my academic endeavors. I believe that with the right support, I can overcome these obstacles and continue to excel in my studies.

The money donated will ensure that I graduate in 2025, it will allow me to graduate debt free from UCT and ensure that I get a hold of my academic transcript so I can apply to jobs. By providing me with financial assistance for my school fees, you would not only be investing in my future but also empowering me to fulfill my potential and make a positive impact in my community. Education is a powerful tool for transformation, and your support would enable me to access the opportunities and resources necessary to thrive academically and beyond.

I am determined to work hard, stay focused, and make the most of this opportunity. Your generosity would not only alleviate the financial burden on me and my family but also inspire me to strive for excellence in everything I do.

Thank you for considering my request. Your kindness and generosity would mean the world to me and make a significant difference in my life.

Warmest Regards,


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