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Help with Outstanding fees Campaign

My name is Nondumiso Luthuli. I'm a full time 2nd year Student at Durban University of Technology studying towards my degree in Biotechnology. I live in Empangeni but currently in Durban for Study purposes. 

Last year I was funded by Nsfas and everything was running smooth . I registered with my grandmother for Nsfas since we are a huge family at home and they cannot afford all of us. Only one person was working which was my mother. My father passed away when I was very young . 
Nsfas introduced this new system of checking for themselves at home affairs whether you have enough incoming income monthly. They found out that my mother is indeed working. That's how I got defended. Later on my mother got very sick to a point that she needs to stop working. Life became more miserable for me since I'm at University. 
Currently I have no funding and I have Outstanding fees that I need to pay to get my Results or else this year will be a waste of time. I have no food to eat since I'm away from home and I can't ask for money since the situation is very bad at home. I'm also the oldest to all the Children at home so they expect me to understand all the time. 
I kindly ask for donation to pay for Outstanding fees and buy some groceries for myself since I'm in the middle of exams. This donation will be for settling my Outstanding fees and also help me for registration next year so that I can be able to continue with my Academics and make change at home. 
Your Contribution will be highly appreciated 
Thank you

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