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Norman Nel Medical Care Cause

Hi, I am Gizelle Loots and I am from Hout Bay, Western Cape.

Norman Nel Has been Bedridden for over 5 Years and weighs around 250kg, We have taken it upon ourselves at Banting Baker Gigi to provide sponsorship for Norman's meals and meal plans, and have since been offered the sponsorships of various items for his household.  

We still require the sponsorship of a bed as he is isolated to a bed 24hrs a day, he needs medical attention as he has a hernia that has popped right out before and was pushed back in, but he is too large for an operation. This sponsorship page will be very transparent and we will document everything that the funds are used for.

Norman is also a diabetic please help me to help Norman take back his life to become the person he is deep down, life has knocked him down but he will rise again.

To contribute to this cause, please click on the link below...

Donor Messages

Absolutely well Done Norman! We are all so proud of you and just keep persevering!
Kirsty Olwagen
Jy kan dit doen
Merwin Nel
Go Legend