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Nomkhubulwane Development Projects

We are Nomkhubulwane Development Project, a registered non-profit organization that seeks to develop, empower and uplift the rural community in which we exist by focusing on two areas of underdevelopment, namely, education and skills development. The Novulakuvaliwe Community Library is the first project we have undertaken to respond to these challenges. The library is currently under construction and is located next to Gwexintaba Primary School in Gwexintaba village, Lusikisiki, Eastern Cape, South Africa.

The Novulakuvaliwe Community Library seeks to make an intervention starting at early childhood development phase in order to nurture the development of children, provide library services and assist school-going learners in their quest for knowledge, and provide skills development workshops to the unemployed and interested individuals.

Here's our last updated profile to understand our vision 

Current Status of the Project:

We started the construction of the library structure started on the 20th of September 2019. We took an incremental approach in the building of the library in order to get work moving without waiting for a lump-sum cash injection.

The project work was divided into two halves. We are complete with the first half, which included the construction of the foundation, building of the walls and the construction of the truss (timber framework that supports the roof).

We would like to get South Africans (and the global community involved) in our crowdfunding campaign in order to finance the remaining work. 

Immediate Goal:

Our primary need is to obtain Zinc for roofing in order to protect the truss (timber framework) from harsh weather elements.

Overall Goal:

Sourcing materials for the remaining work (after roofing) thereafter, namely, ceiling materials, cement for plastering, paint for the painting of the walls and electrification of the building.

Please note that we have attached the current status of the construction building as this page profile picture.

Please note that we have a brief profile that outlines the vision in terms of the work we'll embark on after the completion of the construction of the building structure and much groundwork has been done in terms of the program of action. Here's the link to the profile:

We have a team of capable and dedicated change agents who are passionate about empowering the rural community in which we exist.

Please see our twitter page in terms of our online presence @novulakuvaliwe_library 

P.S We are motivated to play our role in rural development, especially in the community in which we exist. We realize that rural areas are being left behind in terms of development and there is a generation of children whose future is handicapped just because of the area they are born in, and our consciousness couldn't let the status quo remain the same. We would like to make our contribution and hopefully inspire others to put much more focus on rural development.




Donations to date

R 5 499.97

Fundraising target

R 70 000.00

Donor Messages

Isobel Dixon
Wishing you good fortune and much support in your admirable endeavours. Shared stories, books, libraries are vital. Thank you.
Black Letter Media
We wish this project success. When the roof is up, we'll send books.

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