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"21 NSA Bursaries for 2021"

Supporting learners at The National School of the Arts.

The National School of the Arts has been a leader in specialized arts education for over fifty years.  To ensure that we can continue offering quality teaching and learning well into the ever- dynamic future, we need to put agile, creative solutions in place! With characteristic optimism, the NSA is preparing for 2021 and the endless creative opportunities of the post-COVID 19 world with "21 Bursaries for 2021," and we need your help!  Our NSA parents have felt the devastation of the slowdown in the economy over the last couple of years, making the full payment of school fees increasingly difficult. 

COVID 19 compounded the situation with a decrease in school fee payment and an increase in exemptions. "Exemption from school fees is a mechanism that the government has put in place to assist parents in accessing quality education for their children, irrespective of their background of financial constraints." Schools need school fees to run optimally. Without fees, School Management and the Governing Body face an increasingly difficult task to provide the artistic and academic programme at the level of excellence that is synonymous with the name - The National School of the Arts. 

It is a heart-warming truth that many of those unable to pay becomes the greatest credit to the school. Brokering in hope and creative solutions  – our currency as artists – we will change the narrative. "21 Bursaries for 2021" is our appeal to help unleash the butterfly effect,  enabling the transformative power of quality arts education to continue to impact young NSA learners in the same way it has impacted learners for over 50 years.  The NSA is a top-performing academic school, and our learners are known to excel across the boards from art to astrophysics.

"21 Bursaries for 2021" – will help the school navigate the turbulent waters in which we sail and write a new narrative of possibility, positivity, and solutions. Our young creatives are already dreaming of attending the NSA. We must be ready for them. “Realising Dreams Through Excellence in Arts and Academics.” The National School of the Arts is classified as a School of Specialisation in Performing and Creative Arts and is a Gauteng Department of Education School and is a registered charity.


Donations to date

R 75 361.43

Fundraising target

R 554 400.00

Donor Messages

Jared Viljoen
NSA and the friends I made there saved my life. Eternal gratitude.
I owe all I am to this school, it has touched my life and the lives of many like me, in an incredible manner.
Carmen Bolton
My high school years were some of the best memories in my life! I wish this for any creative pupil too.
Sasha Stojovic
I was privileged to experience an immersion into the Dramatic Arts (1996) that was rounded in rich practice and an accrual of knowledge that has had an immense and profound influence on my life.
Lara Werkstetter
I loved my time at the NSA. I hope many people will help...
Adam Lieber
The arts are crucial
Bianca Johnson
Fondest memories of my time at NSA. It’s so important for learners to have access to education that they are passionate about!

Moving the arts forward

Marianne Moore
NSA was the best high school experience I could have wished for. I hope many many more students get to have the same experience and get to fully express themselves.

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03 Aug 2020 R 529
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