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A young person by the name of Ntando used to reside in a little town. The quality that summed me up the best is my unrelenting resolve. I had a tremendous determination from a very young age that made me stand out from my peers. My resolve was a major factor in influencing my decision when it came time to select a Bachelor's degree program of study. I came to see that I had a strong eye for detail and a natural talent for math. For me, mathematics has always been a field of logic and accuracy, and I enjoy finding solutions to issues that others find impossible. I ended up in the accounting field because of this natural talent.
I wanted to change the world, have a solid profession, and understand the value of financial management, so I obtained a bachelor's degree in accounting. I thought that by preventing financial mismanagement, fraud, and unethical behavior, accountants might ensure the ethical and efficient use of resources. My tenacity and love of math carried me through difficult curriculum and tests, sharpened my accounting abilities, and expanded my professional network in the financial industry. My ultimate goal is to establish myself as a reliable accountant who helps people and companies achieve integrity and financial success. My experience served as an example of the strength of pursuing one's purpose and applying unique qualities to have a significant influence.

I exhibit humility and dedication to my community and assisting others as a candidate for a bursary.


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