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My name is Ntuthuko Dlamini, I am young man from the east side of Benoni, who is thriving for a better future for himself, who seems to be fascinated by law, and who intends to contribute to the legal profession making it a better profession, and lastly who intends to make a contribution to the betterment of society. I have recently passed my first year as a LLB student at UCT, and proceeding to my second year of study in 2024. I have tried applying for funding but no luck to date. In addition, my student tuition account is in arrears, and according to the UCT University Council, students owing more than R10 000 will not be permitted to re-register the following year. Furthermore, According to the university's fee policies, as published in the Student Fees Handbook, students whose fee debt exceeds R1,
• will not receive their examination results;
• will not be permitted to graduate;
• will not receive an academic transcript; and
• will not be permitted to re-register for the following year.

I currently owe both my tuition and residential accommodation. As result in securing funding will not only enable me to achieve my academic and career goals, but it would allow me to fully concentrate on my studies without any distractions such as debts and possibly finish my degree within record time. Furthermore, I would like to plead for anyone out there, to please help me raise the funds needed so that I can be able to receive my academic transcript by the end of the year so that I can apply for bursaries and other funding opportunities and be able to register for the 2024 academic year. 
As much as I would like to work to meet part of the study cost, working part-time during studies would interfere too much with my school work. The funds raised will assist me in achieving my academic and career goals through covering for the study-related expenses, and it will allow me to have an excellent education in the number one university in Africa, and  in enrolling at UCT, I will be afforded an opportunity to experience a vibrant "student-first" environment and a diverse staff who are committed to seeing me achieve my educational and career goals. The funds raised will be used to pay for my tuition and residential accommodation so that I will be allowed to register, and the remained of that money will be used to buy textbooks for the 2024 academic year, and other study materials. 
Likewise, by supporting my education that will help me gain a better cultural understanding of the world around me and contribute to the greater good in helping the needy, and most importantly that will enable to continue to make my accomplishments seem effortless, and continue to make my dream come true, and become the advocate that I aspire to be.  

I would like to thank any prospective donor/funder in advance, I am immensely grateful and appreciative for any contribution made, big or small, it does not make what matters is that it makes a difference. THANK YOU SO MUCH.


Fundraising target

R 189 000.00

Donations to date

R 2 145.98

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All of the best with your studies Ntuthuko.

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