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Nuwerus Napiers Nasorg

We are a charity affiliated to Child Welfare, called the Nuwerus Nasorg and Padda Vissies Crèche. We have been in existence for 19 years as a Nasorg (aftercare) and 4 years as a crèche. We are subsidized by DSD (Department of Social Development) as our Nasorg is free and the crèche is subsidized as well as it is for the poorer community.

Parents have to go to work and they do not have time and money for their children. The Nuwerus Nasorg in Napier (Western Cape) gives children of the poorer community a place to be off the street and cares about them, regarding education, lunch and social interaction with other children.

Therefore, we include aftercare (6 to 14 years old children) and a chrèche (1 to 5 Years old children).

We think it is very important to give children a good foundation in life,  regardless of the circumstances in which they are born. Unfortunately, we get very little financial support from the government  (chrèche: R16  per child a day; Nasorg: R9.00  per child a day) We have not received funding from social service since 2018, that is why we depend on donations. It is the only way to keep us afloat.



Donations to date

R 34 347.33

Fundraising target

R 100 000.00

Donor Messages

Miss you all
Ciaran Laughlin
Good luck!
Anja K
Euer tolles Projekt ist nicht in Vergessenheit geraten. Hier das Geburtstagsgeld von meiner lieben Mama.
Birgit Tepe
Statt Weihnachtsgeschenke - Grüße aus Heiligenhaus
Evangelische Kirchengemeinde Heiligenhaus
Herzliche Grüße von der Evangelischen Kirchengemeinde Heiligenhaus
U. Groß
Unterstützung aus Köln für das tolle Projekt
Hallo Annika, wir wünschen allen viel Glück!
Elisabeth aus Heiligenhaus
Grüße aus Heiligenhaus von Elisabeth R.

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22 Apr 2020 USD $ 111
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11 Apr 2020 USD $ 55