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New World Dance Theatre

New World Dance Theatre consists of four coloured dancers from Cape Town, South Africa. Who have been invited to collaborate with an American Dance Company (Karlvosky & Company Dance). In a performance and teaching exchange, in March 2020.

New World Dance Theatre is a NPO that primarily works with disadvantaged youth from Cape Town. As dance teachers we would like to use this international invitation as a way for us to gain new skills that we could use to improve the skills of the youth New World is working with.

The collaboration has started in 2019 in Cape Town where Karlovsky & Company Dance came down to start the exchange. Their stay in South Africa was fully funded and we would need to do the same when going to America. 


We need funding for following for our trip to U.S.A: 

* 4 return flights to and from U.S.A

* 4 individual VISA applications

* Accomodation for 4 people for 2 weeks

* Per diems for 2 weeks

* Travelling costs 

* Per diems for training classes 


Donations to date

R 3 662.10

Fundraising target

R 300 000.00

Donor Messages

Jenifer Talmarkes
Keep up the good work!
Jenifer Talmarkes
Keep up the good work!
All the best Rae and Yaseen. Do us proud.
Gregg Adams
Make us proud????????????
Jenifer Talmarkes
Keep up the good work!
Ismail Mahomed
Best wishes with fundraiser. You do great work and I encourage people to support your fundraiser