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Hi Fellow Supporters

in 2014 I went to North West of Africa to a beautiful island namely Cape Verde. My initial visit to this destination was for an employment offer I received at a hotel based on the island as a professional singing entertainer. Whilst I arrived there I got a culture shock and noticed that there is a need for many many things. So many islanders/ residence having limited means of employment and wandering on the local streets asking tourists for help and assistance. Many kids in need of food, adults seeking job opportunities. During my free time I decided to start a none profit organisation along for some of the locals from the island of Sal, Cape Verde. I made the decision to take each month from my salary and buy some ingredients and make a huge pot of food, buy snacks and drinks to feed some children whom I saw needed the nutrients. Asked for donations of books, bought some stationary etc and gifted it to other charities in the area I lived. I would like to continue with the project with your help so I can monthly donate  to these families in need especially the children that's in need of stationary, and other sanitary products. 

I shall post monthly on my social media pages on the progress.

God Bless


Fundraising target

R 10 000.00

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