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Blouberg Development Foundation NPC

The Blouberg Development Foundation NPC is the non profit company which is the license holder for a Community Broadcast License: One FM 94.0. 

One FM 94.0 was established in Table View as a geographically founded station, meaning it broadcasts to a certain predefined area, with programming based on the community it services. 

The station is run by a group of volunteers who enjoy offering entertainment to their community, and who also want to grow their expertise in radio broadcasting. 

The station does not receive grants or investments, and solely relies on selling radio advertising, at very affordable rates. However, affordable rates merely covers the day to day and month to month operating costs of terrestrial radio station.

One FM 94.0 celebrated it's second year on air in March 2018. Much of the equipment which is currently in use has either been donated, or obtained through fundraisers. With this mind, One FM would like to take the next step, and create a professional Outside Broadcast Unit. 

This unit will be used to broadcast from public and community events, as well as to offer our clients outside broadcasts. This in turn will offer One FM another revenue stream via advertisers, as it wold make the station more appealing to advertisers. 

Unfortunately, the equipment required to manage an outside broadcast is expensive, and hence we appeal to our community to donate their R67 (or more) to assist us in purchasing an outside broadcast communication system (also known as a ComRex). This unit is installed in the OB van and sends near broadcast quality signal back to the studio, via LTE or internet, where the unit in studio converts back to audio, and broadcasts over the airwaves.

The equipment is only available from overseas, and can cost between R40 000 and R120 000 for the top of the range. We'd like to buy the entry level equipment, with the communities help, and raise R40 000.

Our service is free, simply tune into 94FM and enjoy our station.

Thank you for your consideration, and donation.

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