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Onesimo Soccer Academy

Our community is known as a No Go Zone, in fact it is a murder capital in South Africa. When we started this project we were aiming to rename our community. Our mission is to radiate the message of crime prevention through soccer and to produce the next generation of football game changers by teaching our children the football that changes lives.

A boy growing up in these areas is ten times likely to become a gunman, drug user or a thief, the worst part is that it just does not get better. One of the reasons that cause this problem not to cease is because we are often dealing with the fruits of the problem rather than the root cause. This lifestyle is an unending cycle. We as Onesimo understand that it will take us as a community to make our society a better place. We have different programs, life skills that assist the players to make it in life not only in sport. We also have“Fathers VS Sons” programs where we aim to rebuild fathers and sons relationship as we have discovered that most of the criminals are coming from fatherless homes. We have workshops and Fathers VS Sons tournaments; we usually open this to the entire community where children play games against their fathers the whole day and we give prizes to the winners.

Our boys were affiliating in Mitchells Plain Football District because there was no stable League in Crossroads. Due to lack of funds and transport support we could not afford to continue playing as we had to transport about 60-70 players per Saturday. The other challenge was lack of training field because the field we are using is a detention pond it gets flooded in rainy days. Once you don’t have activities you lose children. This is where we came up with plan of action where we gathered all former Crossroads club owners and some of the remnant teams that are playing outside Crossroads and we started organizing Spring Tournament which is the kick start of many more games. The turnout was amazing we had hundreds of young people in the field and every weekend they are there playing football and those of entertainment are offering perfoming during the games.

What we need, we are not planning to stop we need assistance with training materiel, e.g. soccer balls, kits for teams, goal posts, trophies, medals and anything that can assist us to make sure that we keep these young people captivated in the field and off the streets.


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