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One School at a Time

One School at a Time is a non-profit organisation (NPO 074-191) and CSI initiative of Joe Public United that assists with the upliftment and advancement of high schools in Johannesburg. The desired impact of One School at a Time is to create a highly functional, quality education system within our targeted township schools so that our students have more opportunity to succeed post matric for bursary applications, tertiary education, internships and employment possibilities.

Our primary objective of the project is to increase the schools matric pass rate as well as increase the quality of the pass rate and increase number of distinctions of the matric learners by providing grade 12 support and an extra lessons programme over the weekends and during the school holidays for all our matric students throughout the year. We also address leadership and management skills of the SMT and establish a clear purpose and value system for the whole school. We believe that a schools success is very much dependent on the visibility and quality of leadership within the school.

We currently successfully run the programme in two partnered schools – Forte High School in Soweto and Itirele-Zenzele High School in Diepsloot.

Donor Messages

Claire Mason
Grateful for the opportunity to be part of this team. XX
Rob and Janet, United Kingdom
Rob and Janet, UK
Kelly Hilcove
Congratulations! So proud of you all! This reminds me of the African Proverb “If you want to walk fast walk alone, if you want to walk far, walk together!”
Friends of One School at a Time
So pleased to be part of this great initiative!
Go team You continue to inspire, amazing & beautiful work!
Jess Wright
The lives of the students at Forte High School and Itirele-Zenzele Comprehensive will never be the same again.
I'm inspired.
Education is the way to a better future in SA. Thank you for this initiative Joes