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Raise funds for Ashley Surgery Campaign

Ashlyane Tivane, is my 11-year-old niece, who was diagnosed with a BONE TUMOR in her right knee, which has been affecting her mobility as she is in a critical condition, facing huge loss of bone tissue and undergoing metastasis. She currently cannot walk which makes it difficult for her to use the bathroom causing her to wear diapers and she is in constant pain and her parents are in desperate needs of help to relieve their baby from this excruciating pain.

Therefore, she needs urgent surgical intervention. The surgery cannot be carried out in Mozambique because they don't have treatment for bone tumour, so a decision was made to take her to India as per recommendations from doctors. We have tried raising funds between family and friends however we are seeing that time is not on our side and Ashley’s case is getting severe by the day.

This fundraiser is for us to help Ashley have a normal life again, for us to see her run and play with other kids. To fulfil every parents dream to see their child grow healthy and follow her dreams.

Every contribution means a lot to us and to Ashley


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R 605 000.00

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