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Zanele Masule, a personal assistant, was returning home from running a few errands on Wednesday evening when men armed with guns started running towards her.   Frozen with fear, the 29-year-old was ready to hand over her valuables but before the men could get near her, an elderly homeless man chased them off with his walking stick. This campaign is to help repay the favour and build Oupa a Wendy house.

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Donor Messages

Every bit helps .... Let's spread the love
good deeds should be rewarded
A REAL man is like Oupa who protects women against despicable, cowardly thugs. I hate to think what would have happened without your brave intervention. May God bless you abundantly.
Thank you Oupa for standing up for what is right and protected this woman. You are a man! May God bless you and hope the provincial department can help you with a shelter.
Thank you Oupa Xxx
Estelle W
I’m glad that I’m able to do something small to help someone so great
What a beautiful world we would have, if we all showed more compassion to one another!
An amazing story
Oupa, you are an inspiration, I hope your future will be brighter because you cared about a stranger..