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Raising school fees debt Campaign

I am just a young girl from humble beginnings raised by a single parent who always had dreams and aspirations of one day being a teacher and changing the world around me through education and educating others as i believe in a saying that say education is the key to sucess. Success is not VIP's only, it is important to break free from the illusion of it being reserved for the selected few, hence i am pumpingĀ  my ambitions so that my goals can rock the stage and at the end I become a headliner, as the world craves and eagerly awaits the story only I can tell despite the challenges of life i have surpassed as being raised by a single mother. I believe i am made up to become a good inspiring teacher that sets an example that even an average child can become something out of nothing and excel in life. Life has been throwing curveballs, trying to make my initial burst of motivation to waver, but because I believe that dreams do come true, I gained the unwavering strength of my willpower to stay disciplined and committed to my dreams. In those moments when the enthusiasm dwindles, and the path seems challenging, it is discipline that kept me moving forward, one step at a , feeling motivated, showing up, putting in the work, and staying committed to my goals. With all being said please make my dream of becoming a teacher a liveable reality.


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