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Study Camp is one of the PEN Youth program initiatives. Starts on the 30th of October 2023 until the first week of December 2023. Each child per week is R560, and this money covers three meals per day(Breakfast, lunch and super), accommodation, tutors to assist with all the subjects, internet, spiritual support, and social workers to help when the child is feeling overwhelmed, Activities for refreshing the mind and study space. 

The study camp program is as follows: Kids wake up, bath, eat Breakfast, write exams, and for those who are not writing remain behind and study with the help of the tutors. 

Lunch: Take a break(play games, dance, etc.) Super Late Study Study camp is taking place to help learners Study well for their exams since most of our learners reside in the community of Sunnyside in flats. 

You find more than one family in one flat or a family of 10 members, making it hard for learners to Study. They must wait for everyone to sleep or can't study because there's no space to study. In some of the flats they're residing in, there's a club downstairs, and there's always noise; they can't study due to that. 

The study camp has helped many students, and we've obtained distinctions and a 100% matric pass rate. This is not easy to obtain in the community of Sunnyside; for us to obtain such is an outstanding achievement and brings hope to the community and families.


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R 35 000.00

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