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Paterson High School is the oldest non-white high school in the Eastern Cape. The staff at Paterson High School started a "win a car" fundraiser to help finance the purchase of a minibus. This will help transport learners to educational, cultural and sporting events and opportunities.

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Donor Messages

montani semper liberi
Vicky Baird
I once spent 3 months volunteering at the school, and was met with such warmth and kindness. Wonderful staff, pupils and school
Rosaline Pierce
I, Rosaline (Syce) Pierce is a graduated of Paterson High School. It is a school that awards the general requirement that students must have earned to be successful in the world!! Given back!!
What a great way to enrich students' education!
Anil Purmasir
This is for two raffle books in the name of Mavis Ah Shene
Jackie Allegra Curnick
This is a great idea and will allow for so many opportunities for learners! Good luck!
Wish you success with your project
Lots of love!
Such an important project! Best of luck with meeting your goal

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21 Sep 2018 R 514
17 Sep 2018 R 206
Rosaline Pierce donated USD $ 71 to Paterson High School Cause via Paterson High School The Road to 2025
14 Sep 2018 USD 71
10 Sep 2018 R 1 563
09 Sep 2018 R 925