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Hi, my name is Patricia Beck. I was diagnosed with breast cancer at the beginning of this year 2023. I had eight sessions of the chemotherapy treatment  21 days apart and I'm due for my mastectomy operation on Monday 2 October 2023. I went through a difficult time in my life after my daughter was murdered by the hand of her children’s father. She was driving her car and was stabbed a few times in her torso and in her neck, whilst their baby daughter sat in the back of the car. After this happened, he jumped out of the car and ran, but pedestrians saw what happened and helped. They ran after him while he threw the murder weapon ( a kitchen knife) on the ground, which was later found by the police. He was arrested thereafter by the police. This murder case is still running.  My daughter’s two sons were at primary school when it happened. All three of her children are now living with my husband and I, our own 2 children and our another first born grandchild.  My husband receives a State Pension and I receive a State Children's Grant for the children. We live in a council maisonette, with only two small bedrooms. We hardly make it through the month, paying for school stationery and clothing which is extremely expensive and cannot afford any decent clothing to buy for them to wear. Times are very hard and cost of living is high.
I would appreciate every bit of financial  help that you can offer.  Please support my in this new found journey beating cancer and being there for my extended family. I am grateful and thankful to God for  the strength he provides me for each day.  Your financial  assistance  would be highly appreciated.  Thank you very much for your support.
Warmest regards 
Patricia Beck
Jealous husband’s road kill: Wife knifed to death with baby on the backseat


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Best wishes to you and your family.
May God bless you, day by day. May he grant you strength on your way.
I pray for the family and especially the children who have to grow up without their parents. May God bless you and give you your hearts desires.
I dont know this family and i pray that all will be well !, We all just need a break God bless you all
Wish i could give more. May God keep your family in the hollow of his hands.
The Vans Family
Strong's my cousin, cancer *CAN* be beaten.

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