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Bee a Part of My Dream Campaign

Five years ago, in the beautiful city of Cape Town, Audrey, my wife discovered her passion for beekeeping. She started with seven hives and a lot of curiosity, and soon she was hooked on the fascinating world of bees. She learned everything she could about the art and science of beekeeping, from the best practices to the latest technologies. She also found mentors who had more than 50 years of experience in the trade, and who taught her the secrets and skills of successful beekeeping.

I myself, Paul, knew nothing about bees at first, was also drawn into this amazing adventure. I became her partner and supporter, and together we grew our bee business from a hobby to a profession. We now have 230 hives and produce high-quality honey and other bee products. They are respected and recognized by the beekeeping community in South Africa, and they have won 12 prizes at NAMPO (September 2023), including two for the best honey. We are fully responsible, committed to sustainable beekeeping, and are registered and compliant with the Western Cape Bee Industry Association (WCBA). We have created four jobs and are planning to create six more.

However, we also face some challenges in our bee business. One of them is the lack of a reliable vehicle to transport our hives, products and reach afar hives which are in difficult mountainous terrain. We have an old Nissan NP 200 that is not suitable for our needs and is unreliable. We need a bigger and stronger vehicle, such as a Ford Ranger or an Isuzu, that can handle the rough terrain, heavy load and pull our trailer. We are looking for crowdfunding to help buy a new or secondhand vehicle and take our bee business to the next level.

This is our story, a story of passion, dedication, hard work, sweat and tears at nearly 60 years old. A story of how we became beekeepers and how we are making a difference in the world. A story that is not over yet, but that is waiting for support to continue. Will you help us achieve our dream?


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