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The Paul Steyn Foundation Logo

The Paul Steyn Foundation

Reg. Nr. 098-701 NPO

SARS PBO Nr. 930051064

The Paul Steyn Foundation is a SARS registered , Section 18A, public benefit non-profit organization, founded in 2011 by Paul Steyn, an amputee, for the benefit of amputees.


The main objective of the Paul Steyn Foundation is to raise funds to assist disadvantaged amputees, who have no other means to acquire it, with prosthetic limbs.

In addition the Paul Steyn Foundation strives to be mouthpiece for amputees and endeavours to raise awareness with the public, policy makers and other stakeholders about the plight of amputees in general and the cost of, and access to, prosthetic limbs in particular.

Stated Objectives

To provide an organization that will benefit amputees i.e.

  • Share experiences
  • Ask and reply to relevant questions
  • Support each other
  • Raise and discuss problems
  • Bring the plight of amputees to the attention of the general public as well as medical organizations, corporate entities and NGO’s.
  • Enter on behalf of amputees into discussions with relevant government organizations (national and provincial) on particular problems brought to the attention of the foundation by amputees.
  • Raise funds through corporate sponsorships, special projects and donations from private individuals and companies. These funds will be utilized mainly to benefit individual amputees.
  • Have, as secondary objective, an active collaboration with organizations with similar ethos and value systems.
  • Engage in such ancillary and complementary activities as may be deemed expedient from time to time.

Donor Messages

Liefde is gevaarlik
Mooi loop
Well done