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PawPanion Service Dogs

PawPanion Service Dogs is a recently registered NPO with 2 main focuses. The first being to train service dogs for people with various medical conditions such as Type 1 diabetes, epilepsy and anxiety just to mention a few. The second focus is to create awareness, educate and pave the way legally for service dogs.

Currently we have Peanut the diabetic alert dog, a brown miniature poodle,  that has been trained for my 5 year old type 1 diabetic daughter.

A month ago we acquired Aron, a black labrador puppy, who will also be trained for a diabetic alert dog. Aron is in Foster care with one of our trainers at the moment and once Aron is ready he will be placed with a future owner with type 1 diabetes. 

Within the following month we want to acquire a smaller breed puppy that will be trained as a service dog. There is a lot of enquiry for service dogs so this puppy will probably be trained for GSD (Glycogen Storage Disease) or epilepsy as we branch out.

Within the next 3 months we want to start working with lawyers to start changing the laws regarding service dogs in South Africa. This process starts with changing local by-laws, then provincial law and eventually national law. This process will see us creating a standard regarding service dogs in South Africa and to give them legal rights.

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