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Paws From Heaven

Paws from heaven was birthed after taking in Simba, a paraplegic, doomed for death, December 2017. We are the only known sanctuary in South Africa where the aim is to rehabilitate and facilitate all the needs of abondoned and mostly abused cats, not looking to rehome any abused feline, whether it be physical or emotional. We have been in the rescue business for over 20 years, learning about the psychological constraints of abused felines. 

Paws from Heaven/ Aiding Simba currently holds 40 felines each with personal constrains that are not able to be rehomed. We look after and help with sterilisations and inoculations where and how we can, outside our sanctuary, Paws from Heaven also aim to assist in feeding those in homes where there severe financial constraints.  

Due to rising costs, we are in need of raising funds to help with our vet bill as Paws from Heaven is facing 6 sterilisations in the next month, deworming and of course as always food for these precious felines. We were blessed in the past being in a stage of life to handle all the costs, unfortunately due to cancer again in 2016, there is no stable income to ensure we do our work in service of these felines in need.

Please consider in "backing" us, and feel free to look at our facebook page in honor of our paraplegic Simba. Our web page is still under construction, as with all things, it is a work in progress.


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