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Many children die or are forced to live with correctable disabilities such as clufoot, simply due to the fact that they can not afford surgery or live in an area with no appropriate medical facilities.

At Pediatric care Africa, we strive to arrange surgeries for 500 children in South Africa and 500 children in neighbouring countries.

1000 surgeries is a mommoth task and come with a astranomical price tag considering that the avarage surgery costs R59000-00 without auxillary services such as CT scans, X rays etc.

Pediatric cardio surgery comes with a price tag of hundreds of thousands of rands....!

We assist and supply food to starving children as many parents have no work and simply can not feed their children any longer.

We respond to disasters in South Africa and neighbouring countries.

Everyday people like you and I can make a tremendous diffirence by donating a little money on a monthly basis, so we can preplan our work better.

Donating to a very worthy cause, does not have to cost you a arm and leg either and there is no "correct" ammount to donate.

What is sure is that without your help, we can not help a single child.....!


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