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Penelope Elizabeth Fraser Medical Cause

Penelope Elizabeth Fraser. She is my dear friend and incredible musician. She is the principal bassoonist of the Johannesburg Philharmonic orchestra.

Penny is in need of urgent medical intervention. Her gall bladder and hip have been troubling her for many years and she is in constant pain. She needs to have her gall bladder removed as it may rupture and her hip is in the end stage and about to collapse.

I am hoping to raise in the next 4 to 8 weeks enough money for her to have the Gall Bladder operation as that is an immediate and desperate concern. She is holding on now but it could rupture at any moment and then we lose her. This operation will cost anything between 40K to 60K in Zar.

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Donor Messages

Michael Hankinson
Please support Penny, I've known her for many years. A fine musician.
Sorry you have had to suffer so much, Penny. Good luck! X
Odette B
Still thinking of you, Penny.
Best wishes.
Janet de Kretser
Hope you will be right as rain again soon! Sending love for a full and speedy recovery xx

Keep well Penny

Glad you're through the gallbladder op, Pen.
Odette B
Now for the next operation!
Heather and Peter Francis
We hope this helps you find some good health.

Activity feed

Michael Hankinson donated USD $ 14 via Healing for Penny
15 Sep 2021 USD $ 14
Odette donated USD $ 35 via Healing for Penny
14 Sep 2021 USD $ 35
Odette B donated USD $ 41 via Healing for Penny
21 Dec 2020 USD $ 41
Gerrit donated R 1 000 via Healing for Penny
17 Dec 2020 R 1 000
Janet de Kretser donated USD $ 23 via Healing for Penny
14 Dec 2020 USD $ 23