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BITCOIN ROYALTY Book Launch Campaign

Subject: Support the Global Promotion of "Bitcoin Royalty: The Rise of King-P" - Your Contribution Matters!


I hope this message finds you well. My name is Peter Mantu, a 43 year old living in a small and remote village called Sehokho in the Mpumalanga province of South Africa. I am reaching out with a special request tied to my latest book, "Bitcoin Royalty: The Rise of King-P."

This groundbreaking work explores the captivating narrative of King-P's journey into Bitcoin investment and its profound impact on his kingdom. It's not just a story; it's a testament to the revolutionary spirit of cryptocurrency.

I am currently seeking support to promote "Bitcoin Royalty" globally. Your contribution, regardless of size, will play a crucial role in expanding the book's reach to a broader audience. We aim to create awareness and inspire individuals worldwide about the transformative power of Bitcoin.

Donation Details:

  • Minimum Donation: Any amount
  • Maximum Donation Cap: R20,000

Why Contribute?

  • Global Impact: Your support will contribute to the global promotion of "Bitcoin Royalty," reaching audiences far and wide.
  • Cryptocurrency Advocacy: By supporting this initiative, you're endorsing the positive aspects of cryptocurrency and its potential to empower individuals.
  • Exclusive Updates: Donors will receive exclusive updates on the promotional campaign, including behind-the-scenes insights, sneak peeks, and acknowledgments in our promotional materials.

Your Support's Personal Impact: My connection to this project runs deep, and I am reaching out to you as both the author and an advocate for the powerful message within "Bitcoin Royalty." Your support will not only amplify the reach of the book but also contribute to the global conversation on cryptocurrency's transformative potential.

How Funds Will Be Used: Funds raised will be used for promotional activities, marketing campaigns, and outreach efforts to ensure "Bitcoin Royalty" reaches a diverse and extensive audience.

Your generosity is immensely appreciated, and I want to express my gratitude in advance for considering this request. If you have any questions or would like additional information, please feel free to reach out.

Thank you for being a part of this exciting journey!

Warm regards,

Peter Mantu Author, "Bitcoin Royalty: The Rise of King-P"


Fundraising target

R 20 000.00

Donations to date

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