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Help Pete get back on his feet Campaign

Hi all,

I have started a back-a-buddy campaign to help me get back on my feet. It's been pretty hectic since I was retrenched in Feb of 2022 and I've been getting by by selling various items, odd jobs here and there and small donations from friends for which I am very grateful. 

This year has been a wild ride with my second child Eana as she had had very serious health issues that have required me to prioritize her pressing health needs throughout the year, that being said she is stable now and on a solid path to recovery. Now it's time for me to set myself up and I am confident 2024 will be a good year. I have decided to start a small business of my own. I made this decision because I realized that I had to work for myself because jobs were few and far between and due to my daughters health reality I need to be my own boss.

Currently I am waiting on the new year for my mindfulness for kindergarteners and preschoolers service (7th Gen Kids) to launch, I have everything ready and a few schools are keen on my service. I get great feedback and I am confident that things will go well.

What I need now is assistance in getting my car back up and running again, I also need to get through this last month of the year as if I sell anything else I will be selling off assets which would be a mistake. 

Any funds given to me will go first into fixing my car, investing into my business, and into getting through the month of December and January. I do have a part time job on the weekends to cover the necessities however as we all know prices have skyrocketed and money simply doesn't cover as much as it used to.

I would like to thank anyone who can contribute to my cause, I am at the end of the tunnel and I can see the light, I am reaching out for that final push.

Kindest and warmest regards 
Peter Wright


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R 35 000.00

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