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Peyton's Jiu Jitsu Competition

I am looking for funding in order to represent our country in 2 major jiu jitsu competitions, namely the Abu Dhabi world pro competition as well as the African championship in Morocco.

To contribute, please first select the project below, then the 'donate' button next to the barometer...

Donor Messages

Sis Erasmus
All the best
Rayan Slim
Go get em, Coach P!
Daniel Morcos
Have fun!
Smash it!!
Train hard fight easy!
Just do it! :)
Ross Wentzel
Follow your dreams Poteyton
Mark Robson
Good luck
Matt Taylor
Go get em Peytinha

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31 Jan 2018 R 308
30 Jan 2018 R 411
28 Jan 2018 R 300
25 Jan 2018 R 514
22 Jan 2018 R 500