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In today's world we're all so caught up in our own problems it's difficult to take a moment and think of others.

Today I'm asking you just to take a moment and consider helping a loving Husband, Father and Grandfather who due to an unfortunate accident was injured but nothing stopped him from recovering.

Philip Botha was injured in a mining accident in 2018 after almost losing one leg he fought through it with great support from friends, family and amazing hospitals and doctors. It's almost 5 years later after finally being able to go back to work and support his family he now has yet another challenge. Philip Botha has now been diagnosed with a severe blood clot in the calf of the other leg.

Family and friends have helped as best they can but financially it's becoming a bit more difficult as Philip's job says no work no pay. But this is no lazy old man that I can assure you. Our current hospital is not in a state to take care of him as there isn't even warm water. Visiting hours are once a day so no physio or self care can be given.

They did have him on an IV drip but his veins kept collapsing so they have simply just stopped the drip. So basically he is sitting in a bed with no treatment and being seen by a doctor every other day. The treating doctor at the moment says his hands are tied as the Medical Board of the hospital has to approve him to go and see a specialist. Due to Philip's age and previous medical history, it's quite important for him to get the correct treatment before it's too late to save the leg.

The Goal would be to be able to take Philip to a specialist and be admitted to a private hospital to be treated correctly so that this Fun-loving Family man can keep, providing for his wonderful family as he has been doing for the last 66 years. There is so much more tragedy behind it all to sum it up it's difficult but Philip stood strong through the mine accident while holding his wife's hand through Metastatic cancer and then also having a hip replacement due to the mine accident as well.
As soon as the sun started to shine through all the grey clouds and things started to come right this has now fallen on their path. As a Christian family, we do believe god puts nothing on your path that you can't get through. We do believe we can get through it we just need some support from our community even a little bit of help. From financial donations to professional medical advice.

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