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Need a little help Please 61316 Campaign

Good day everyone

Im not even sure how to start, or where to start. But i will do my best to explain what is happening at this moment.

I had a very good job in Cape Town, but my Fiancé is from Port Elizabeth. We met a few years ago over TikTok, got to know each other and well we have been together ever since. But since she moved to Cape Town to be with me, things as been going down heel. I had a good paying job, but they decided they would like to use me in sales, but my wife could not cope with me being away for some nights when i had to go see clients.

We found out we are expecting a baby. Witch we did not plan. At the time we didnt have medical aid, and she said she cant go to an state hospital, so we applied for a loan and this is where our problems started. The loan amounted to R4000 a month.

The place i worked for decided it is an inconvenience for them that i am having an baby the same week they wanted me to do a road trip to see clients.

So i had to pick between my family and my work. I had to be there for my family. My Fiancé didnt know anyone els in Cape Town.

When i lost my job, we needed to make other plans to get by. So i started doing handyman work around town. But soon we were getting behind with bills.

I had to give my Audi back to the back, because i couldnt pay it any more.

We gave up our medical aid. We had to give up our rental, because rent is just too expansive in Cape Town, so we sold most of our stuff. Only kept what fitted in a rental car and moved to Port Elizabeth, because my fiancé was convinced we will find life to be cheaper here.

I got a job that gave me a bakkie to use, and didnt pay too bad. After 2 months of staying with a family member we were able to move into our own place. But after working for this company for 3 months, they decided to close the branch i was working at, we are taking legal steps against the company but this takes time.

So this month i will not be getting my pay, i have tried everything to find more work, but all the money i get goes to everything the baby needs. So i heard about this site, about the people on here that helps others.

All i need is to pay my dept for the month. this adds up to about R15000.00, witch is about $830 if converted

With the loan for our beautiful baby girl, that is now 8months old, we still own R80000.00

All our dept together adds up to just over R110000.00 and that is about $7000 if converted to UD dollar.

If we just start over without any dept we will plan everything better. Our rent is only R6500.00

I dont know if anyone will find it in their hart to help us out. But if any of you do. Im a very handy guy, i love building stuff out of wood.

I can do Electrical, bit of plumbing, i work with Computers and laptops and im always trying to learn a new skill.

Thank you to everyone that reads this.

Have a blessed day.

If anyone wants to find out more details, they are welcome to send me an whatsapp on: 0606642199


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