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Pit-Track K9 Conservation and Anti-Poaching

Pit-Track K9 Conservation and Anti-Poaching Unit from the beginning has operated extensively on APU operations Countrywide and has continued against all odds to remain in the field & on the frontline of the war against extinction.

Through extensice experience in working with K9's, we have brought that skill into the fold of our everyday lives. We know without a shadow of a doubt that our K9's are irreplaceable by man or machine. The K9's provide numerous functions the operators can't. They are our eyes & ears while we lie in ambush, most often under the cover of darkness and have an ability to follow up on scent to allow us to narrow search areas down at a poaching incident and it is always comforting to know that a poacher cannot ever outrun a K9 in the field.

We train our K9's in various diciplines:

  • Human & animal scent tracking
  • Fire Arm & contraband detection, such as rhino horn & ivory
  • Protection & apprehension 

K9 breeds need to be chosen carefully but certain breeds have specific traits. some of our favourites:

  • Belgian Malinois, Boeboel, Sable Shepherd, Dutch Shepherd, German Shepherd, German Short Haired Pointer, American Pitt-bull Terrior, Rottweiler

Where we can, Pit-Track subsidises & self funds additional K9 APU Units countrywide in high risk areas. Currently our deployments are foused on Care For Wild Rhino Sanctuary & in the APNR which consists of Timbavati, Klaserie & Umbabat Game Reserves, on occasion we will be called in to do a joint operation with Timbavati APU, SAPS & Community Policing Forum for the Greater Kruger Area.   

Our fight for these animals is hourly, daily...weekly, in fact 365 days a year! We need your help if we are going to win this war!



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